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Max's diverse range of creative work can be found all over. Here are some of the highlights.

Maxwell David Ochs

Folklorist - Musician - Poet

Besides a nearly four-decade anti-poverty and Conflict Resolution career Max Ochs also taught World History in high school. He was a key figure in the reinvention of the steel-string guitar as part of the hugely influential Takoma LP, "Contemporary Guitar Spring '67", pioneering ways of opening up old blues and country tunes with a new improvisational freedom. Ochs has pursued his low-profile, high-achievement career ever since, running the 333 Coffeehouse in Annapolis and releasing a number of albums. Tompkins Square Records chose Ochs' composition, "Imaginational Anthem," as the title track of a compilation of new guitar music.

He recieved his BA in Philosophy from the University of Maryland and received a Masters in Humanities from St. John's in Annapolis, where he and his wife Suzanne still live.


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Severn River - Anapolis, Maryland